Summer Recreation Club Membership

Summer Recreation Club Membership

Membership from Jan. 1 to on or around Sept. 27
$95 per year

Choose The Right Membership for You

Bird & Small Game Club Membership

(Includes Summer Recreation Membership)
$500 per year

Big Game Hunting Club Membership

(Includes Bird & Small Game & Summer Recreation)
$1,250 per year

Camp Lease

(Memberships not included, must be purchased separately)
$1,200 per year

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1 Day Guest Pass


How Do I Become a Member?

  1. For Summer Recreational Membership sign up please click here and follow the online automated sign up process and to pay via PayPal. Or, to pay by check, please click here.
  2. For all other memberships and camp leases, please contact the club at for additional information.
  3. Already approved? Click Here!

*All hunting memberships and camp leases are subject to board approval.

Club Query Form

  • Please provide us information on the type of membership or camp lease you are interested in, and a board member will get back to you shortly.