Palmer Brook Sportsman’s Club is a great opportunity for members to enjoy a host of North Country summer recreational activities, Hiking, RV camping as well as back country tent camping, ATVing with over forty miles of ATV trails, fishing both in our brooks and stocked ponds as well as out on Fern Lake.  We have dry facilities at the members main cabin as well as BBQ’s and the club shooting range.

Membership to the club entitle members and guests in accordance with the guest policy to enjoy the use of the property on a 24 hour, seven day a week basis, so members can enjoy all the property has to offer on an unrestricted basis.  Members must be in compliance with the club’s General Rules and Regulations as well as the provisions of the Summer Recreation Lease at all times as well as applicable New York State law.


The club allows for RV camping in several locations, all camping is dry and there are no dump stations on club property.  We ask each member to coordinate their camping location and length of stay with the club Superintendent prior to arrival.  All campers must be moved every two weeks as per New York State law, but campers maybe stored on the club property as well as ATV’s etcetera in the vicinity of the members main cabin area, please coordinate the overnight storage with the club Superintendent.

The members main cabin area has BBQ facilities as well as men’s and ladies dry bathroom facilities.  The cabin itself is open to be used by the membership for day use or overnight camping.  Members are encouraged to access the club from Fern Lake and park their vehicles in the vicinity of the members main cabin.  From there the members can hike or ATV out to the rest of the property.

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The shooting range is open during the day time for members to use.  The range is unsupervised so each member is responsible for their own safety when using the facility.  Safety is of the utmost importance and as such we ask each member to practice firearms safety as priority number one.  Members may not have loaded firearms on their person unless they are at the shooting range, the member has made sure the range is clear of people and the firearm is pointed down range before it is loaded.  The range may not be used during the evening hours.  The club is in the process of building a skeet shooting area in addition to the rifle range; we look forward to getting this project completed as soon as possible.

ATVing all of the property is available for ATVing in the summer months, we ask the members to maintain a safe speed never exceeding 15 miles per hour and to use caution at all times.  There are many advances trails especially when going up on the high mountain tops so members should be cautious not to exceed their individual skill level.  Members are encouraged to be in compliance with all manufacturers recommendations and New York State laws regarding rider safety.  Members should immediately report to the club superintendent any unsafe trail conditions they observe while on club property.

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Members may use the sand beach access on Fern Lake via the club access trail.  This is a beautiful spot to sunbathe, swim and fish from as well as bring a kayak or canoe and enjoy the rest of the lake.  Members may also canoe and Kayak some of the larger beaver ponds on the club property as well.  The club offers excellent fishing opportunities, we have several large beaver ponds which are stocked with trout as well as a few small streams which offer native brook trout fishing.

In addition Fern Lake offers excellent walleye, northern pike, small and large mouth bass, black crappie, bluegill, pumpkinseed, yellow perch and rock bass fishing, the lake is approximately four hundred and twenty five acres with a maximum depth of approximately twenty three feet.  The lake has several island and shoals and offers excellent freshwater lake fishing.  The lake is large enough for gas motors and also has a public boat launch.  In addition both the AuSable and Saranac Rivers are minutes away and offer world class trout and salmon fishing opportunities.

Although Summer Recreation does not include hunting the opportunity to view wildlife is never far away, members will often see birds of prey such as bald eagles, osprey, hawks, heron you may also get the opportunity to spot a glimpse of a moose, black bear and deer while enjoying the property.  We currently have three moose living on the property year round and their tracks can often be viewed throughout the club grounds.  We have several dozen black bear who roam the property gorging themselves on our abundant blueberry patches on our mountain tops during the summer months.

Also keep an eye out for bobcats, coyotes and the elusive Adirondack grey wolf all of which call the North Country and our club home.  It is quite common when you’re at the club to be sitting around your campfire as the sun goes down and here the coyotes begin calling or the singular call of a wolf howl long after dark, it all makes for a spectacular opportunity to share some goose bumps with the kids, tell some old time camp stories while starring up at the magnificent sky full of stars and enjoy the traditional Adirondack night life.

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