Terms & Conditions

  1. The summer recreation lease entitles each member and children under the age of five who are listed on the member’s application trespass rights to club property and facilities as outlined in this lease and subject to The General Club Rules and Regulations. The Summer Recreational Membership fee is fifty dollars $50.00 per person per season. The membership fee is due in full upon submission of the member’s application and it is not prorated, so members are encouraged to join as early in the year as possible. Children under the age of five are free as long as they are listed on their parents or guardians application. Children over the age of five and under the age of eighteen must have their own membership but as minors they must be accompanied by an adult while on club property. We no longer offer a family or group membership; all individuals over the age of five must have their own individual membership which costs $50.00 per person. We remind each individual to review the clubs General Rules and Regulations prior to joining and these rules should be obeyed at all times while on club property. Further we remind each member all ATVS, must be registered with the club, insured as per the clubs insurance requirements and all guests must fill out a guest waiver form and guest fee be submitted for EVERY individual entering the club property. Your membership is not official until your application has been reviewed and you have received a key, we will do our best to expedite approvals and mail keys and we recommend strongly using the website to submit your application and payments as this is the fastest most efficient way to submit said paperwork and fees. If you choose to fill out the application and hand it to one of the board members along with your payment the board member must mail it to our office for processing before you will receive your key this process can take a week or longer so again we strongly recommend using the website to submit your application.
  2. Each member is entitled trespass rights for recreational access to the club property and facilities beginning on or about March 1st through the first day of big game early bow season as determined by the NYS DEC. The actual start of the summer recreation membership will be based on the close of the snowmobile season and will be announced by PBSC on our website when the locks are changed and access is granted to summer recreation members. During the summer months members access to the property is available through any of the club gates either at Fern Lake or from the Buck Hill Rd side of the property and is 24 by 7 at the member’s discretion. Each member will be provided a key which will unlock the summer access lock on each gate. Members should not make copies of this key and should not loan their key to anyone. The key will be changed each season to a new key so the old key will not work the following season, we ask members please hold onto their keys and turn them into a board member when they get a chance.
  3. Members may use the property for recreational purposes in accordance with club rules and regulations as well as all applicable laws for hiking, camping, fishing, atving, etcetera but may not take game of any kind through any means.
  4. Summer recreational members have full access to all club property and facilities. Summer members must not use, climb, access or tamper with Hunting blinds, tree stands and should avoid disturbing food plots. Hunter primary hunting sites are scattered throughout the property although the club does recognize these designated hunting locations as being assigned to a particular member all members have access to all areas of the club property so we ask all members be respectful of the hunters assigned primary hunting sites and improvements the hunters have made.
  5. Members may store their ATV’s, RV’s, kayaks, canoes, etcetera in the area by the clubs shooting range. Before storing any equipment on club property please coordinate this with the Club Superintendent. Although the club property is secured and access is to members only the club does not assume the liability for member’s recreational equipment which is operated and/or stored on club property. We recommend members lock their items with a chain and a lock when storing them on club property. We ask that all members be respectful of other members personal property, do not use, borrow, move, etcetera any other members items without their specific permission.
  6. Members wishing to bring guests on the property MUST have guest waivers filled out and submitted to the club prior to allowing guests onto club property. Please see general club rules and regulations for guest policy and fees.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The member from here on referred to as the Licensee, agrees to fully indemnify, save and hold harmless the Palmer Brook Sportsman Association, its Board of Directors and James Leigh Properties, LLC, a domestic place of business located at 15 School House Lane, Suite 100 PO Box 247, Ausable Forks, NY 12912 as well as any officers, agents, employees there of, to be know as the Licensee from here on out, from and against any and all liability of any type what so ever; including but not limited to, any and all damages, expenses, causes of action, lawsuits, claims, penalties, fines, assessments, or judgments relating to, arising out of or concurring in connection with these By-laws.
  2. The Licensee shall at his or her own cost and expense, defend any and all actions or suits which may be brought against the Licensor or any of its officers, agents or employees or in which the Licensor or said officers, agents or employees may be Impleaded with other upon any such above-mentioned claim. In the event of Licensee’s failure to do so, the licensor, at its option without being obligated to do so, may at licensee’s cost and expense and upon prior written notice to Licensee, defend any and all such actions. Licensee shall, satisfy, pay and discharge any and all judgments, that may be recovered against the licensor or any of its officers, agents or employees in any such suits or actions which maybe brought against the Licensor or any of its agents, or employees or in which the Licensor or any of its officers, agents or employees maybe impleaded with others. Licensee shall pay the reasonable costs of any such defense, including but not limited to, the licensor’s attorney’s fees.
  3. The Licensee’s obligations hereunder shall not be deemed waived, limited or discharged by the enumeration or procurement of any insurance for liability for damages hereunder.
  4. The Licensor, its agents, employees, licensees and assigns reserves the right to the unrestricted use of these premises for all purposes what so ever, including but not limited to, timber harvesting operations, timber cruises, clear cutting, road building, construction, hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking, camping, snowmobiling, atv use and any and all other recreational and business activities and further reserves the right to conduct any other business or activity on the premises notwithstanding the rights conferred in these Bylaws.
  5. The Licensor further reserves the right to allow access of all of the woods roads contained within the bounds of the property herein licensed to be used by snowmobile groups or individual snowmobilers, atv groups or individual atv operators for the purpose of recreation and for the further purposes of travelling across the premises to other premises owned by the licensor and to Buck Hill Road.
  6. The licensor further reserves the right to grant additional licenses or leases to others for the purposes of hunting, fishing, hiking, 4 wheeling, camping and any and all other purposes what so ever including granting the right of ingress and egress over all roads to all portions of the property.
  7. The licensee shall fully cooperate with the Licensor and the duly authorized federal, state and local authorities in the compliance with and enforcement of all laws and regulations now in effect or here after enacted or promulgated pertaining to the protection of fish, birds, and game and the use of the premises for hunting, trapping and fishing purposes. The licensee shall indemnify and save harmless the licensor for any violation by it or its members of said laws or regulations. The licensee shall restrict the usage of the premises to its members and noncommercial guests.
  8. The licensee shall not allow its members to operate or store any uninsured motor vehicles on the premises at any time.
  9. This License, or the terms hereby demised , or the premises or any part thereof; shall not be assigned , let or under-let by the Licensee for any purpose other than as specified here in these By-laws without the written consent of the licensor, first endorsed in writing hereon, and if assigned, let or under-let, used or permitted to be used without such written consent the licensor may re-enter and re-let the premises, this license, by such authorized act becoming void if the Licensor shall so determine and elect. Without objections or defense by the licensee, the licensor at its option, may also apply for and obtain an injunction to prevent the use of the demised premises by the licensee for any purposes other than hunting, trapping, fishing, camping and other recreational activities as outlined in these By-laws and the licensor shall not be precluded from any legal remedy which it would otherwise have by reason of the specification herein of any particular remedy for any specified breach of the terms and conditions of these By-laws, and in case of the assignment of this license or any part or term hereby demised, or any subletting or under letting, the licensor shall have a lien upon and shall be hereby empowered to collect any rent accruing from the subtenant or the assignee, and apply the net amount collected to the rent herein reserved.
  10. In the event the licensor in its sole discretion determines in whole or in part either to sell all or a portion of the premises or to devote or use the premises for any purpose inconsistent with the use of the premises by the licensor under the terms of the By-laws then these by-laws may be terminated in whole or in part by the licensor, at its option, on ten (10) days prior written notice to the Licensee. However, any such notice given in the month of October, November or December shall permit the licensee to retain possession and use of the premises as per the By-laws until the end of "Big Game" hunting season in that particular calendar year. In the event of termination under this paragraph, the licensor shall return to the licensee the unearned portion of the rental paid by the licensee in the event of a complete termination and a portion thereof reflecting the proportionate land area of part of the premises to which the termination applies in the event of a partial termination. Any membership fees, lease fees, rents shall be prorated on a basis of twelve (12) equal months.
  11. If under the power of emanate domain, there should be a taking or condemnation of the whole or any portion of the premises, all compensation and damages awarded for any such taking or condemnation shall be the property of the licensor and the licensee hereby assigns to the licensor all of the licensee’s right, title and interest in and to any and all such compensation and damages. The licensee shall execute such instruments of assignment as may be required by the licensor in connection with such taking or condemnation and to prosecute, at the licensee’s expense, such compensation and damages.
  12. Any legal notice to be given to the licensor shall be given to Palmer Brook Sportsman’s Club, located at 2328 Route 9N, PO Box 247, Ausable, Forks, New York, 12912. 13. The licensee shall insure that all roads located within the demised premises are accessible, open and free from debris, fallen limbs, trees, or other obstructions to insure that the travel over these roads is open and free to others. All roads shall not be blocked by gates, motor vehicles or other obstructions except as to restrict access to dully licensed members.
  13. Licensee will exercise the privilege granted under these By-laws at the licensee’s own risk and agrees that licensee will never claim any damages against licensor for any injury or damage suffered on account of the exercise of the rights under these By-laws and licensee will indemnify Licensor against all liability for damages and expenses resulting from, arising of or in any way connected with, the exercise of these By-laws by licensee, or other persons entering the property at the invitation of licensee.
  14. Licensee shall not pollute the grounds or surface waters located on or near the property and will not conduct operations which will be detrimental to the adjacent property owners nor unduly interfere with the quiet enjoyment of adjacent property owners and or the licensor’s use of his remaining property.
  15. There shall be no storage of gasoline, oil or petroleum products on the premises and there shall be no discharge of gasoline, oil or petroleum products on the premises. In the event of an accidental discharge the licensee shall immediately notify the Property Manager.
  16. These Rules and regulations constitute the complete understanding of the parties and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings, negotiations, and arrangements between the parties. These By-laws shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York.